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Liner Replacement

Whether you are building a new pool on your property or renovating an existing pool, it is important to make sure that you equip your pool with a quality liner that is made out of durable materials. Since your pool liner provides both water containment and aesthetic appeal, shopping for a pool liner is among the most important decisions that you will make when you are building a new pool. Here at Oasis Pools and Spas we can provide you with a variety of pool liner options for a new pool or a refurbishment.

Our bespoke service includes removal of an old liner, expert install of your new liner. Included in the service are replacement white goods, ie skimmer face plates, main drain covers etc. The pool is filled on completion and the water chemistry balanced.

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Infinite Onsite Lining

Certikin’s Infinite On-Site Lining is ideal for complex shaped pools and steps in both new and refurbished pools (including concrete, cement render, steel, aluminium, timber and fibreglass). This high quality 1.5 and 1.6mm PVC comes with a 15 year pro-rata guarantee at pool temps of up to 900F (320C).

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Certikin Bag Lining

Certikin’s Bag Lining is ideal for standard shaped pools and really brings a pool refurbishment to life. These are factory made with a 10 year pro rata guarantee.

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