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We build most types of enclosure whether it be a canopy or endless enclosure. A pool, hot tub or spa without a canopy is like a house with no roof. This makes cleaning much easier, plus you can relax or swim outside even when it’s raining.

Pool Enclosure Zoomed

A telescopic pool enclosure is the perfect answer to the variable British climate as it allows an outdoor pool to be converted to an indoor pool in a matter of moments.

These enclosures consist of a fixed end bay that is permanently attached to the ground, and a series of smooth running and moveable bays that slide underneath each other as the enclosure is opened.

The choice is yours :-

  • Trackless building
  • Bespoke sized enclosure
  • Can accommodate most shapes and pool sizes
  • Hinged or sliding door option
  • Optional sliding windows
  • Choice of colours
  • Optional upgrade to toughened glass
  • Opaque or solid glazing options for privacy
  • Warm air heating systems


Telescopic enclosures prolong the bathing period from late spring to early autumn, it eliminates the evaporation of water, there is an average of 95% shorter maintenance time spent cleaning and maintaining the pool.

The enclosure will also prevent children and pets from falling into the pool. With the possibility of a complete locking system for added security.