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For 2016, we have changed the way we sell our Premium Wooden Pool Kits. We appreciate that customers require the freedom to specify exactly what they need with their woodenpool. Now each pool can be customised to suit the customersneeds, making it easier to up-spec to a top of the range piece of equipment that can be enjoyed for years to come.

We have listed what we regard as essential components andoptional extras. On top of this, individual product discounts apply, which is great news for our customers. We can still offer wooden pools we have listed in previous years or bespoke wooden pools – just call us for more information.

Yes, there are many swimming pools on the market today. However, the closer you look, the easier it is to narrow your choice. If you want to transform tension into a feeling of rejuvenation every time you step into your pool, look no further than Plastica’s wooden pool range right here on Oasis.


Plastica Knightsbridge

The Knightsbridge Wooden Pool is a compact 4m internally octagonal structure with all the high-end
quality filtration equipment usually associated with in-ground swimming pools.


Plastica Hampstead

The Hampstead Wooden Pool is a new addition to the Plastica Premium range for 2016.
The 5.5m octagonal internally is a great sized pool for most gardens.


Plastica Belgravia

The Belgravia Wooden Pool is a 3.694m x 5.564m internally stretched octagonal structure,
perfect for all sizes of garden and great for the more serious swimmer.



The Bayswater Wooden Pool is a 3.694m x 6.564m internally stretched octagonal structure. It is the bigger brother of the Belgravia, but with an extra 1m length making an incredible difference.



The Westminster Wooden Pool is a huge 4.611m x 8.201m internally stretched octagonal structure.
Designed for the larger garden. Perfect for the larger family as well as keen swimmers.



The Chelsea Pool is a 5m x 10m internally rectangular pool, our largest wooden swimming pool and the flagship of our Premium range. Great above ground or submerged.

Exercise Pool

Exercise Pool

The Exercise Pool is a 2.426m x 3.916m internally and comes with a choice of 3
over the wall Counter Current Systems to accommodate many different users.

Riva Exercise Pool

Riva Exercise Pool

The Riva Exercise Pool is a 2.426m x 3.916m pool. This comes with a choice of 2 through the wall Counter Current Systems to accommodate most users.

Small & Large Eco


The Eco range of pools are specifically designed pool packages to give customers the luxury of a complete
wooden pool package at a low cost. It measures compact 4m internally.

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