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Types of Pool

There are various types of domestic swimming pools available, we can advise of the best solution for you. We offer a full consultation as to which pool solution best suits your needs and budget.

Below is a small breakdown of each of the different types of pool that we can offer to our customers.

Fibre glass (one-piece) pools

The shell of a fibre glass pool is made up of 7 layers. The layers of fibreglass composite give maximum stability through the core of the pool shell. A coloured gelcoat surface is then applied which is resistant to scratching and chemical damage. The completed sandwich construction is then finished with an outer layer topcoat to prevent water ingress whilst the shell is in transit. The shell is stiff enough to support itself yet offers flexibility whilst being fitted into the ground, leaving you with an impressive high quality finish to your pool.

Contact us to find out more about fibre glass pools.

Fibre Glass Pool

Panel pools

A very popular labour saving construction technique. Unlike block pools requiring concrete footings to support the heavy walls, our panels can be erected straight onto the excavated earth shelf. Once they are levelled and adjusted you just need a bit of concrete at the base to keep them in place. The smooth surfaces are ready to support the liner. The cost of panels may easily offset purchasing and shifting heavy concrete blocks plus employment of specialised trade skills to lay and render them. Modern structural reinforced resin panels are quickly fixed together to form the walls. The floor is screeded and the fitted liner hung inside.

Contact us to find out more about panel pools.

Panel Pool

Block and liner pools

This pool uses conventional flat laid blocks to form the structure, which when rendered can be finished with one of two types of lining. Both linings are based on the use of a PVC material. In-ground block built swimming pools can be built for you or supplied as a kit to any specification. For this service, we meet with you on site to find out exactly what you want from your swimming pool.

Contact us to find out more about block and liner pools.

Block & Liner Pool

Wooden pools

Wooden “above ground” swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the traditional inground structures as they are significantly cheaper yet still maintain a stylish upmarket look. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes including Octagonal, Stretched Octagonal, Rectangle, and now even as a Corner Pool.

View the full Plastica wooden pool range.

Wooden Pool