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With the big shift in demand from “installed” to “portable” spas, most manufacturers simply installed their regular spas into a timber box and called it portable. Many of these require up to 8 people or a small crane to handle and become too difficult and too expensive to move. In addition the timber boxes and frames are easily damaged and can deteriorate rapidly from weather, wood worm or rotting, requiring regular and costly maintenance or repairs. RotoSpa, on the other hand, was started with a clean sheet, and a set of objectives resulting in an innovative spa, designed and developed from the outset as a true portable.

Following the principal of modern unitary car construction to achieve reduced weight, higher strength and lower costs, RotoSpa utilises an advanced R.I.M. (Rotary Integrated Moulding) process to form the spa, the surrounds and the base all in one piece. This totally eliminates the need for timber or metal framing and the problem of rotting, cracking and corrosion. The entire moulding is made from Duralon, which is a semi-rigid polythene based, thermal plastic resin with special additives that generate an A.P.F. (Aerated Plastic Foam) core during the moulding process.

RotoSpa hot tubs are therefore not only around half the weight of equivalent acrylic and fiberglass spas, but many times tougher and with excellent heat and noise insulation qualities. Being the same material all the way through it also can’t suffer from delamination and osmosis problems. The granite look finish is not only attractive and easy to clean but is chemically resistant and UV stable.

The DuraSpa

RotoSpa - DuraSpa

(5-6 Person Spa)
prices from £4,750

A luxurious spa with a professional level of hydrotherapy. Modern, soft flowing lines with rounded corners and curved sides incorporating weatherproof decorative panels. Its shape has been carefully contoured to provide smooth, full depth seating, natural reclining positions and a special therapy seat.

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The DuoSpa

RotoSpa - DuoSpa

(2-3 Person Spa)
prices from £3,650

It boasts two full depth naturally reclining positions and benefits from a world class hydrotherapy system. The distribution system delivers water to each jet at uniform pressures. Combinations of the latest adjustable therapeutic, rotating massage jets have been strategically positioned to give various massage effects.

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The QuatroSpa

RotoSpa - QuatroSpa

(5-6 Person Spa)
prices from £4,750

The super-size QuatroSpa is a triple winner of the prestigious “WhatSpa? Best Buy under £5000.00”. Its contours provide smooth, full depth seating and a generous foot well for the most natural resting position.

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The OrbisSpa

RotoSpa - OrbisSpa

(4 Person Spa)
prices from £3,995

The Orbis circular spa is outstanding value-for-money. It’s contours provide smooth, full depth seating and a generous foot well for the most natural resting position. The captains seat has a supersize 5″ rotating jet with 12 additional massage jets strategically placed to ensure the ultimate massaging experience.

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