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NIVEKO Swimming Pools

NIVEKO s.r.o. has been making pools of the highest quality for private or public use for more than 20 years. Thanks to its approach, this purely Czech company (Nivnice) is connected with products of the highest quality. The successful strategy is focused on the product quality and long-term satisfaction of the customers, which can be seen in the production of more than 450 pools a year equiped with NIVEKO cover and full automatisated technical shaft.

During manufacture we stress the need for high quality, ecology and durability and overall esthetic appeal of the pools. Every order is addressed individually with respect to the resources and requirements of the customer. Subsequent service and long-term customer care are an integral part of all commissions carried out by NIVEKO s.r.o.

In this line you may find all standard solutions of pools´ technologies for these days including skimmer pools, overflow pools, technologically advanced filtration units, NIVEKO covers and a wide range of accessories.

All is included in a simple and easy-to-find overview, so the customer would quickly and easily obtain a top-quality pool for a corresponding price.

Skimmer Standard

NIVEKO - Skimmer Standard

NIVEKO Basic Skimmer Standard

Having straight corners on the bottom with two versions of the cover installation, this is not just an ordinary skimmer pool. The NIVEKO skimmer standard pool is a modern version of the well-known skimmer type, but it has all the characteristics of the NIVEKO quality standards.

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Skimmer Top

NIVEKO - Skimmer Top Level

NIVEKO Basic Skimmer Top Level

The construction and original technical specifications of the top level version are equal as in comparison with the skimmer standard type. The main difference is the height of water level applying a wide and slim skimmer. The water level almost reaches the surrounding surface area.

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Overflow Multi

NIVEKO - Overflow Multi

NIVEKO Basic Overflow Multi

The overflow multi pool is the first overflow version being an inspiration for a wide range of NIVEKO exclusive overflow line. Thanks to its simplicity of installation and maintenance, this type of pool is also the most common in a public sector and private wellness. It is a customized pool with no limits in dimensions and shapes.

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Overflow Combo

NIVEKO - Overflow Combo

NIVEKO Basic Overflow Combo

This overflow pool is technically identical as the overflow multi equipped with a filtration unit installed in an integrated technical shaft in the pool body. 6 available sizes in 2 possible shapes. Combo overflow pools are always delivered in one piece directly from the production.

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