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Bag Lining

Our pool vinyls are sourced from the world’s leading vinyl manufacturers: Canadian General Tower; Elbtal Plastics and Renolit, all of whom create materials to exacting standards and have a combined manufacturing experience of over 160 years. This range of supply allows Certikin to have the widest choice of patterns and colours available in the UK market, including many exclusive designs, without compromising quality.

Modern design and manufacture techniques allow us to take these excellent materials and create a high quality liner for almost any size or shape of pool, including those with features such as ledges, freeform curves, cover pits and integral steps.

Love the look of your liner

With a pattern and colour range which continues to provide the traditional options but also challenge the ‘norm’, we offer a wider choice than ever before to liven up almost any pool. In-house state of the art design and cutting procedures ensure even the most complex shapes and sizes can be recreated.

Plain Colour Options

Plain, solid colours are ideal for creating an all over crisp finish. They can be combined with patterns around the perimeter, walls and floor if desired to create contrast and differentiation. Whilst solid colours are clean and even, they can highlight unevenness in the pool shell in some instances.

Patterned Wall and Floor options

The range of patterned wall and floor options are great for an all over patterned finish, or can be mixed and matched with plain colours and tile bands.

Contemporary Printed Tile Bands

Certikin’s range of contemporary, pre-printed, tile band liners offer a wide range of options, opening a new avenue of colours and designs which can contrast greatly from the commonly seen traditional ranges. Liners are manufactured from a pre-determined wall section with a pre-printed tile band and a complementing lower wall/floor section which is the same pattern as the main body of the wall – offering a stunning all over effect. It is also possible to cross match the printed tile band onto other background patterns if desired – please enquire about additional charges for this process. It should be noted that a background print or colour is visible above the printed tile band – please ask for a full size sample of the product if this is a concern.

Technical specifications

Installation Certikin
Guarantee 10 years pro-rata at pool temps of up to 900F
Printing High quality with a multiple lacquered protective surface
Resistance High resistance to breaking, tearing and puncturing and to water temperatures up to 300C