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Infinite Onsite Lining

Our material range continues to advance and is of the highest quality. Our supply partners are some of the finest PVC manufacturers in the world and continue to excel themselves in terms of development and quality standards. All materials sourced are certified for use in domestic and commercial applications, being KSW and CE certified – they meet all current European requirements for swimming pool installation – and in particular, all of our anti-slip membranes, plain colour or printed, are manufactured to DIN EN 51097 Cat C standards.

Love the look of your liner

The choice of colours and patterns includes all of the classics, but also includes new and adventurous options such as our exclusive Silver Black Tile, Royal Mosaic and Oceanstone. We have also developed our range of patterned anti-slip membranes so that our French Mosaic, Royal Mosaic, all three Cyrus Mosaics and our Oceanstone design, have a complementary and matching anti-slip membrane in order to offer an all over tiled effect finish.

Plain Colour Options

Plain, solid colours are ideal for creating an all over crisp finish. They can be combined with patterns around the perimeter, walls and floor if desired to create contrast and differentiation. Whilst solid colours are clean and even, they can highlight unevenness in the pool shell in some instances.

Our extensive range of colours offers the widest choice and the highest quality. Our exclusive Marine Blue colour offers a pleasing variant to the traditional blues and greens, giving a unique look when under water. All plain colours, with the exception of Marine Blue*, are available in matching anti-slip variants – these can be used to complement the all over colour of your liner, or mixed with patterns and other colours to create areas of contrast on step treads, slopes, ledges and other safety areas.

Touch Range (Special Order)

The Touch range of vinyl has been designed to offer a simulation of a variety of natural stone effects, both in appearance and texture. By combining high quality and thicker than standard (2.0mm as opposed to 1.5mm) vinyl with the latest design and manufacturing technology which incorporates printing embossing and engraving, each of the unique designs offers both aesthetic beauty and a pleasant and surprising touch.

The texture of the Authentic, Relax and the new Vanity designs allows them to be certified as an anti-slip product to Cat C of the required DIN standard, and the Elegance design has its own complementary anti-slip option which also meets the standard. All Touch vinyls are ultimately protected by the Alkorplan 3000 multi-layer lacquering system for maximum protection within the pool environment.

Island Dreams – NEW

Inspired by the textures and stunning looks of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From the tranquil sands of Capri and Bali, to the darker tones of Hawaii and Tahiti. Designed with differing textures (which comply with all anti-slip standards) and carefully selected colouring, this pool lining system offers all the benefits of a traditional on-site lining installation with the addition of such a unique look. The vinyl is manufactured to full swimming pool grade standard and as such can be used in the same range of installation possibilities as any other on-site lining vinyl.

The anti-slip nature of the Island Dreams range means that it can be used on all surfaces,
including steps and slopes, and complementary liquid PVC is used for sealing each seam.

Technical specifications

Installation Certikin
Guarantee 15 years pro-rata at pool temps of up to 900F
Certification KSW and CE, manufactured to DIN EN 51097 Cat C standards
Printing High quality with a multiple lacquered protective surface
Resistance Tear, high stain, discolouration and abrasion resistance.
UV Stabilised Acceleration chamber tested
Suitability Ideal for concrete, cement render, steel, aluminium, timber and fibreglass pools – in domestic and commercial applications
Thickness 1.5mm or 1.6mm PVC with polyester internal mesh
Anti-slip Anti-slip PVC for steps and slopes
Seams Installed with 50mm overlap seems, sealed with colour co-ordinated or translucent liquid PVC
Underlay Geo-textile underlay available and recommended
Repairable Easily repaired if damaged