Bromine Tablets (20g) -1kg


Bromine tablets for easy, effective sanitising of pool and spa water.



Directions For Use:

  1. These tablets are designed for use with a bromine feeder.
  2. When feeder device requires refilling with tablets always follow manufacturers instructions.
  3. Ensure tablets used in the feeder are of the same chemical (Bromo-chloro-Dimethyl Hydantoin). If other materials have been used previously, wash out feeder thoroughly before adding tablets. Use only feeders designed for Bromine.
  4. Adjust feeder to ensure a constant bromine residual is present in the pool or spa.
  5. Check bromine levels regularly with a test kit and maintain a bromine residual of 3-4mg/litre (ppm) for domestic pools/spas.
  6. Check pH value regularly with a test kit and maintain a level of 7.2 to 7.6.

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