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The Orlando enclosure is made of high quality aluminium profiles available in a range of colours and filled with high quality poly-carbonate that comes in one of two colours. The Orlando is ideal for a spa, hot tub or an exercise room and can be fitted onto a level ground base, including wood decking. With a choice of doors and two model sizes to choose from, it is the ideal leisure / relaxation room to complement your home.


Alukov created the Orlando enclosure to cater for free-standing hot tubs and spas on level ground. It can be used to accommodate hot tubs, spas and exercise areas and are the perfect leisure and relaxation solution for your home.


Spa Dome Orlando Small
Inner diameter 4m | Outer diameter 4.11 | Height 2.3m
Spa Dome Orlando Large
Inner diameter 4.89m | Outer diameter 5m | Height 2.7m


Colour of construction

Colour of polycarbonate